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  β─CD properties

β─CD is decomposed to become a product by amylum, it is formed a annular and cylinder compound by 7 remains of slucose. On β─CD of remains of glucose, majority hydroxl are situated the periphery of the annular molecular structure, result in β─CD is worse absorption in molecular of cavity, but it is good absorption out molecular of cavity. To sum up, β─CD of molecular has the fllowing properties:


1 、 β─CD of molecule has not reduction end and non-reduction end, molecule has not reduction.

2 、 β─CD is steady in alkaline medium.

3 、 β─CD is decomposed by strong acid.

4 、 β─CD is good crystallized in alcohol water solution.

5 、 β─CD can form steady helding compound with majority organic compound and some inorganic compound.

6 、 β─CD can play a huanshiji role to helding matter.

7 、 β─CD hasn't obviously toxicity side effects for human body. It can be resolved by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice in human body, its metabolism of speed (becoming CO2 of time) is 3 times lower than amylum.

8 、 The solubility of β─CD is 1.85%(25℃), 3.52%(40℃), 9.02%(60℃), 25.3%(80℃), 39.7%(90℃) in water.


As β─CD has above-metioned charater, so it is used volatilizable matters of huanshi wide-ranging.

Although β─CD has many merits and wide uses, but its water-soluble is low, it has kidney toxicity for non-intestine, and it can't be used in injection subsidiary metrial, so its applied ranges are limited extremely. HP-β-CD just can overcome above-metioned β─CD of shortcomings, it is the best ideal detriavtives of β─CD

Beta Cyclodextrin 

Appearance white powder

Specific Rotation +160~+164?

Loss on drying <=14%

Residue on ignition <=0.1%

Heavy Metal(Pb) <4ppm

Arsenic <1ppm    

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