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      Are you seeking a buying agent to assist you in outsourcing and producing themost competitive Chemical products from China? Well, here we are. We're A.T.Chemical! "A.T.Chemical" is able to be your professional buying agent located in China
because we are involved the following business as: 

Services: (Location in Shenzhen, China)

  As Your buyer agent
  Representative Duties: 
Develop Manufacuter  Relations -  We are constantly looking for products and vendors. We seek companies that are committed to producing the highest quality goods, delivered on time and in good order, at the lowest possible prices. We want to increase our list of suppliers. That means we want as Your representatives to help your identify potential vendors within their country and have them join Your supplier chain. 
Sell Products - Identify and establish relations with potential customers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and all other companies importing products from other countries, to develop new markets for the products we already offer from other countries. 
Negotiations - Assist in all aspects of trade negotiations, such as, obtaining manufacturer price quotes, negotiating prices, terms of sale and delivery, packaging, shipping, etc... 
Quality Control - Assist in making sure that the goods we buy are of the required quality, that they are properly packaged, that they are properly marked, that they are delivered to port in good order and on time. 

Gaining higher profit or reducing overall costs for your business, please
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